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We are a Specialty Florist and Unique Gift Shopsylvia prfile

We are located 3 1/2 miles north of Publics Center on Snow Hill Road on Right side headed North

It has been my dream to own and operate a florist since high school, Now my dream has been realized. We opened the doors in June of 2013 and are very excited to serve the Ooltewah and surrounding area with ( Fresh Cut Flowers, Specialty Gifts, Wedding Needs and Rentals, Silk Arrangements and Wreathes and more ) Please stop by and see what’s new.

The site is located at 7414 Snow Hill Road.

This home was built in 1852 by Hiram Douglass, a well-known minister in the Tennessee and Georgia area. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Hiram Douglass was a minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination from 1832 until 1865. According to the Cumberland Presbyterian historical records, he was described “as a ’Circuit Ridin’ Preacher.’ Douglass rode across the mountains of northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee with a rifle on his saddle and a Bible in his hand.” His circuit went from Greeneville, TN to Cassville, GA

In the 1840s, Hiram purchased a small farm near Ooltewah. He began acquiring property and by 1865, he had 200 acres. In order to keep the farm producing, he purchased slaves. They worked the farm while he preached the gospel. In fact, the bricks used to construct the house were hand made by his slaves.il3

When the Civil War began, Douglass was a Confederate supporter. After his sons were captured during the Battle for Chickamauga, he visited General George Thomas. After this meeting, Hiram’s sons were set free and Hiram became a staunch Unionist. He set all of his slaves free and began preaching against slavery. Due to his change in beliefs, his life was threatened many times.

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